Finnish woman claims to be the first from her country to scale Ama Dablam – The Himalayan Times – Nepal’s No.1 English Daily Newspaper

Anniina becomes first and youngest Finnish female on Mt Ama Dablam - The Himalayan Times - Nepal's No.1 English Daily Newspaper


A woman climber from Finland has claimed that she became the first and youngest female summiteer of Mt Ama Dablam from her country.

According to the expedition organizer, Anniina Helena Vanhatalo, 29, scaled Mt Ama Dablam under THG International Ama Dablam Climbing Expedition on November 13.

Chhiring Bhote and Dorchi Wangdak Bhotel guided her to the summit of the scenic peak and the team reached the summit point at around 10:55 am, according to Tshering Pande Bhote who organised THG International Ama Dablam Expedition this season.

“As per the available records, Anniina seems to be the first and the youngest female climber from Finland to scale Mt Ama Dablam in the autumn season,” he added.

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