Swastik Oil Industries under KL Dugar Group honored as Best Exporting Company


Swastik Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd. under KL Dugar Group has been honored by the Industries Association Morang as the best exporting company in the Morang Sunsari Industrial corridor in the FY 2077/78 for making a significant contribution to the economy and reducing the trade deficit of the country.

On the occasion of the inauguration ceremony of the 65th Annual General Meeting of the Industry Association Morang, Honorable Finance Minister Mr. Janardan Sharma presented the award to Mr. Vikas Dugad, Director of Swastik Industries Pvt. Ltd.

Swastik Oil Industries Pvt. Ltd. has been producing and selling high-quality edible oils such as Swastik Soybean Oil, Dhara Health Sunflower Oil, Sunflow Sunflower Oil, etc.

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