Nepal Life Insurance  launches Nepal Life Sammunat scheme; to provide 3 times the insured amount as insurance coverage

nepal-life-insurance -launches-nepal-life-sammunat-scheme;-to-provide-3-times-the-insured-amount-as-insurance-coverage

Nepal Life Insurance Company has launched the Nepal Life Sammunat Life scheme targeting the working professionals who are engaged in risky professions where there are higher chances of accidents, deaths, and permanent disabilities.

Under this scheme, the family members of the employees who indulge in high-risk professions will receive three times the amount of insurance and acquired bonus in case of the death of the employee. People belonging to 18 to 60 years can get insured under this scheme where the insurance period can last from five years to thirty years, while the insurance package of Rs 50 thousand to Rs 1 crore can be chosen which will mature at the maximum age of 65 years, as per the media statement.

In case of the death of the insured person due to any other reason specified in the tncs of the insurance, a nominee of the insured person will be eligible to receive double the insured amount as insurance compensation including the accumulated bonus while the receivable insurance amount will triple up in case the death is due to the accidents mentioned in the policy, as per the media statement.

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