If you can and want to help me, to penalize my therapist

[my posts exposing my therapist.](https://twitter.com/mariannesheld)


Ministry Of Health and Population doesn’t reply to my emails. Kantipur and the himalayan times chose to ignore my plead too.

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  1. Get solid proof (whether voice/video recording) document everything, and then start making noise. Else, you’ll end up sounding like an empty vessel.

    This isn’t a casual review. This is something serious and you need to come up with concrete evidence.

  2. I have absolutely no idea how I can help. But without any evidence this could easily turn into a case of defamation against you.
    Here have an upvote and a Award to boost your post. I will cetainly share it with my circle to get into more ears.

  3. Don’t just rely on reddit.

    Make a blog , share in your social media like facebook, instagram , twitter and share around all those bigger groups like mrr , wrr and than only retry sending these news.

    Also use some tricks to share such news to group like e4n indicating lack of professionalism among Nepali . Filter your audience as well

    Share in ROnB comment ssection

    Message victor poudel ronb wala kta

    Share over sajha

    Also target Nepali medical related pages and message them if they ignore message comment the issue right after they post something new.

  4. out of the loop here. I couldn’t understand how her therapist got her photos and kept it on instagram

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