Whats the best tasting chau chau

Just wondering whats the best tasting chau chau? I used to like waiwai but not anymore. Any non-akabare flavor/brands that you guys recommend?

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  1. wai wai- Quick pizza(pink) has a good Masala.

    Every other masala is either too salty or tastes like badly cooked vegetables.

    The noodle portion of the chau chau, is fairly similar in all brands.

  2. GolMol used to taste best. The noddle strands were thicc and mildly roasted which gave it an unique taste as opposed to thin and well roasted normal chauchau.

    No other chauchau has come close to that taste for me.

  3. 1. Pikvik
    2. Mama (waiwai)
    3. Hurray

    Binod Chaudhary I’m looking at you. Regina challenges you to come up with the ultimate chauchau

  4. Do not wannt be buzz killer but.
    Please do not consume packet food or junk food in general.
    Its not healthy at all.

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