Do not apologize for western Imperialism just because you are pro MCC

Just reminder people that even if we take MCC (not against free moneys myself) we don’t have to pretend America and the western countries are good. If china has invaded countries with debt traps the United States made up a fake story about WMDs to invade Iraq, continued a destructive war against Afghanistan despite a Taliban offer for surrender and invaded Libya under false accusations (one of the partners the UK who joined America to attack Libya admitted the intervention was based on lies).Some people turned into apologists for Western imperialism the moment MCC is mentioned 🗿🗿 last time there was a thread about MCC on this subreddit. They brought up points like “communits piec of shit china invade country with debt trap :0000” .

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  1. Lol! Why are people against free money?( Srry op i misread it at first) Seems illogical. What they should be against is the strings attached to that free money. Cut those strings and take the money.

  2. It’s in the best interest of Nepal to keep our neighbors and superpowers in Check and balance.

    Good diplomatic relation with a democratic superpower is important for the sustainability of the country. Nepal should not take any sides, and US is a nation that could voice for you when your neighbor goes rough. It would also send a message to both of our neighbor that there could be a third party they need to compete with.

  3. MCC is not free money but investment.Nepal will be stupid to let US invest 500 mill usd on Electric grid to India. Its guaranteed profitable industry in a foreign currency, its better for Nepali people to invest in through IPO, then MCC can buy Electric Grid stock from people in Stock Market. Nepali people can buy 100 NRs per share then after completion it can be sold to MCC investors in atleast 50USD, that’s 5000% of investment, if sold. I don’t understand why people are so brain dead in investment. We literally have oil and we can harvest and sell it by ourselves unlike Arab, but our Pro Western bots are just betraying us.

  4. Every country has their baggage of sociopolitical issues. You can compare them and decide for yourself which ideology you want to adopt by looking objectively at quality of life and freedom. I said objectively because a person who wakes up and has to go bring a doko full of grass for cattle, is probably more blissful than a person who does a day job in US. But if you look at it objectively from outside, you wouldn’t pick that difficult life, not everyday anyway.

    I have no clue what MCC is since I don’t live in Nepal but I’d like to point out that western civilization and even some eastern ones like China got a big head start on us. Nepal civilized way too late and it’s gonna take us a few decades more to stand on our own feet and produce goods for ourselves. I remember just 20 years ago we had to run ad campaigns to educate people to use toilets, even in kathmandu we had everyone pissing/shitting in front of our house next to the river lol.

    I hope this MCC/US involvement will bring good thing for Nepal, if it ends up happening. Either way I hope good things will happen to Nepal in coming decades.

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