1. the conversations were being screenshot and circulated. Stupid bitches. Never trust stupid bitches. If theyre bitching about some one with you, they’ll bitch about you with someone else too.

  2. met him in class 1. he was the scrawny kid in class that gets joked about. became best friends later. last few years in school, I started dating a girl in my class. I don’t know maybe he felt bad or not but we had a pretty good friend circle. FFWD to class 11, we got into different sections. the guy started bitching about me to his new friends, I did not confront him about it thinking its not a big deal. my big mistake, he sabotaged my long distance relationship and bad mouthed about me to my other friends who were still in contact with him. I couldn’t believe he would do this to me. I finally confronted the guy, he couldn’t answer my questions. that was the last day I ever talked to him. I hear sometimes that he enquires about me from our common friends. they also tried to patch up our friendship but I could never call him my friend again.

  3. once we did a hangout with riends and i wasnt wearing thattt stylish fashonable dress they cropped me out of photo which they put on story i still havent broke the friendship but ive thought of falling out of that friendship and ending the contact .

  4. A long time dumb friend dates and fucks a crazy bitch. The girl pulls up drama of being pregnant and was faking about being menstruated and on pills, and now she will keep the baby. The dude messages me asking for advice and bad mouths the bitch. I tell him to go get checked from professional and may be try for abortion if true. That dumb motherfucker forgets that he has shared his Facebook password with that girl. That crazy bitch checks his messages, notes the name of 3 friends that he had messaged about the issue. Then she starts asking around about us, around our neighborhood, our homes and contact. She somehow finds my phone number and calls me, starts yelling and quarreling at me for advising abortion clinic. I tell him shut up bitch, if you call next time, I’ll call police on you. I found out that she called bhauju of one of the guy, and had went to work place of another guy.

    I tried to contact that dumb motherfucker to beat him to pulp, but his mobile was switched off. I went to his house he wasn’t there. That dumbfuck pushed us into this situation with this crazy bitch and now had himself vanished.

  5. When it comes to hard times They dont help you not even remotely trying to help. When Uve helped them all your life thats when u pull out of their life.

  6. When I realised he never cared about me unless he needed something. He was the most selfish person I have ever met. Unfollowed that son of a bitch few months ago and I haven’t talked to him for more than a year now.

  7. He killed my dad, he was my best friend in school, we hung out all the time. He was a nerd so got bullied alot in school i always protected him. I was angry at him for the longest time, wished nothing but pain from him, seduced his girlfriend paid people to kill him… turns out my dad died from blade of his own glider and he was just returning my dad’s body to me.

  8. Obviously after the school ended and college started Same will happen when we move from college to bachelor. Friends are always temporary .

  9. Well, I never have one, I always feel guilty not to able to make close friends. Don’t know what’s wrong with me 🤔 but no one ever seems to consider me as a close friend. As well as I never feel comfortable with anyone expressing my emotions and sharing my feelings.

  10. Bichhod. We grow all the time. Different career, bideshko bash all take us to a different destination. We grow differently, ending up being a different person altogether.

    I am not the same person I used to be (knowingly I have changed myself). I am a calculated person now. I was a funloving person before.

  11. She didn’t have many friends and neither did i. Was her “bestfriend” for months until she made made a couple new friends and found out she treats them wayyy better than me.

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