1. Yesko channel hereko tyo cringe type ko ‘its a prank bro’ bhanne khal ko channel raichha. Kasaile complain garera samateko hola… Haina bhane yo muji ko channel teti popular pani chhaina, police lai tha pani thiyena hola yesko channel ko barema… Kasailai rag hanyo hola bato ma its a prank bhandai ani tyo manchhe le complain handyo ani tori lai samatyo police le jasto lagyo malai chai.

    [Tenson Bro ko cringe content ko ek jhalak](https://youtu.be/jmrqJgC013Q)

  2. गणतन्त्र गणतन्त्र खेलिरा हो? म नि खेल्ने | 🥺

  3. I firmly believe that these kind of pranksters should be fined at the very least and jailed if absolutely necessary. The punishment has nothing to do with freedom of speech. They should not be punished because of their speech but because of the inconvenience, annoyance and hurt they are causing to those being pranked upon. There are plenty of good examples of pranks out there.

  4. Freedom of speech is only available to Politicians and their close ones. Democratic country with freedom of China = Nepal!

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