1. According to historians Baburam Acharya and Gautam Vajracharya, these statues were primarily defaced during the Muslim invasion of Shamsuddin Ilyas Shah in 1349. The Muslims, who came with at least 20,000 men, destroyed many temples, chaityas and houses and even looted Swayambhu and Pashupati. It is believed that the king of Bhaktapur was burned alive in his palace. It is not clear why the Muslims left but many believe that it might have been due to the cold weather. But the cities of the valley signed a peace agreement with the Muslims and paid them tribute. Acharya also says that the reconstruction lasted for nearly a hundred years.

  2. my theories are

    a. muslim invasion. unlikely unless these are from the 12th century


    c. face is more vulnerable to weathering

  3. statues and idols of gods are more than just apiece of art, puja and other rituals are performed on them, which will corrode the statues

  4. Muslim invasion… I remember i read that they used to do these kinda shit .. and even now Muslim like destroying temple property

  5. It’s because of the Muslim invasions a majority of sanatani deities which are excavated and happen to be from the Mughal era are defaced…cause you know….

  6. Is it from nepal? Looks like it is from nepal.

    If its traced backed to the muslim sacking of Kathmandu, i guess it can be attributed to muslim vandalism.

    But what doesn’t add of is only some details are missing.

    I think Other explanations could be.

    This is an incomplete sculpture where the sculptor was unable to complete the sculpture for some reasons.

    It would be funny if the dude was amateur and completely fcked up some portions of the sculpture so he decided to not include them at all.

    If you don’t have the actual story behind it. All we can do is conjecture.

  7. I dunno but the defaced god in the statue is Narshinha. And it is considered as most vicious incarnation of God Vishnu. Might be the sculpter was too afraid to think😅

  8. I am from Bengal and Ilyas Shah’s invasion of Katmandu valley and the subsequent burning of its temples are celebrated by leftists and communists here.

    The way medieval barbarism by turkic hordes are perceived by the left-leaning historians is absolutely appalling.

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