never wanted a bike this much……

i was never bike guy, didnt ever care for it. even when every other classmate is like “SLC/+2 paxi bike kinne”, bike was never my thing. let’s be honest they like idea of having bike than it’s utility factor.

i had some stuff to do in new road. i went despite not feeling super well. you know i am male, i can slip myself through peoples inside microbus when i am alone.

but today, i am not my energetic and slippery self. i dont know what it was today, there were like double, triple the peoples. peoples were jumping in front of buses + those karen jumping inside micro without asking conductor and scolding them for “not telling her where micro is going”.

and i am literally that “why am we here” meme. aafu lai tei vui ma sutum lagi sakyo. my stupid sick ass waited for >2 hours waiting for khali micro, contemplating in human existence, how wild human can be, looking at peoples growling and jumping around micro. how a bike could have made it way easier.

finally i courage up and picked up a bus to bus park, from where i had to walk 20-30 minute to get home. i didnt even get a seat, last ma gayera uvbhe, still kalaashi scolding “paxadi sarnu na”, when i am basically standing on one guy’s lap.

ghar aayesi, a glass of hot water was a heaven to me. finally feeling okay with couple glasses of more hot waters. hot water is really a god’s blessing if there ever was a god.

Apparently therapist are shit here in nepal, so reddit is the place now lol.

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