Prachanda and Oli ridicule Lingden after he says, Nepalis these days consider many politicians as thieves..

Prachanda and Oli ridicule Lingden after he says, Nepalis these days consider many politicians as thieves..

Prachanda and Oli ridicule Lingden after he says, Nepalis these days consider many politicians as thieves.. from Nepal

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  1. For context..

    Rajendra Lingden is the newly elected Chairman of Rastriya Prajatantra Party which is the pro monarchy and Hindu state, anti federalism party in Nepal.. he shocked many by defeating Kamal Thapa..

    This was at the inauguration of Nepali congress general convention..

  2. Prachanda immediately regretted asking the audience for their opinion.

    Political parties in Nepal and majority of the old gen leaders have realised, that their time in power is ending. SO the only logical thing for them is to again : mili-juli , badera kham hai, ta ra ma ta bhai-bhai ho ni.

    There will never be a majority government in Nepal. Never.

    Oli is surrounded by yes man and is a delusional megalo-maniac. If asked , all citizens will call politicians not only chor but sala, chor, khate, etc.

  3. Oli and Prachanda seem to live in the delusion that they are hailed as heroes by Nepali people, despite that deep down they know they are the chor that’s why they took it personally. Otherwise, lingden said nothing wrong.

  4. ouch.. oli prachanda ko chitta dukhyo… haha

    oli ko kuro ali gundagardi lagyo. but he is memer, i dont know to what i extent i believe him.

  5. For context.

    Rajendra Lingden wants constitutional monarch, abolition of federalism, a Hindu state ( even though he is a Limbu) , and a PM directly elected by the people of Nepal.

    He was also beaten to pulp by maoists goons, and they left him thinking he was dead. Now he sharing the same stage representing and leading Ra Pra Pa with eternal Chairman of the Maoists Prachanda, and speaking what the people think.

  6. did u guyz noticed something? Janata is against these top political party leader. just listen to their voice when cumrade prachand ask for people opinion of calling them “Choor”
    prachand: k hami choorr ho ta?
    janata: hoooooooooooo

  7. It’s like a thief saying he isn’t a thief. Motherfuckers know they are absolute human garbages and maybe accepted it but they won’t say it outright in public.

  8. Well I find oli a bit visonary than any one at this time , The main problem is not democracy its the interference and the leaders, Oli might have been right this might have been done to spread a propoganda , but we all know they are chors and lingden has just got steel of balllsss what a man

  9. Leaders are representative of the people. If the teacher chooses the worst child to become the monitor of the class that doesn’t define the entire class student and their skills and hardwork.
    Nepal ma ajjai pani raja raja vanne manche dekhera sarai achamma lagcha yar local govt ko kam hera local public mai vako power decentralization hera yesari gaali garera vayo vanya.

    In a long journey if your vehicle stucks on the road you find an alternative to move forward NOT backwards and this alternative is called DEMOCRACY.

  10. I understand the sentiment of common citizen and how they consider politicians as chor which is very much agreeable. However from what I understand this Rastriya Prajatantrik party is hugely influenced by Viswa Hindu Parishad and can believe that huge fund comes from VHS and RSS. Although being a Nepali I’m an outsider who should not be commenting on this without understanding the social cultural paradigm of Nepal. But I will be saying just this DONOT let this virus come inside NEPAL. With them not only comes the fascist ideology but also rampant sexism, racism and castism. Now they have power, means and money to easily come and influence the people but in the long run they will be creating more problems.

  11. Nepali Political Parties are the worst in South Asia.The single political party can never be the majority in Nepal and that’s why these chodus have to act like brothers.

    Seeing the Health Minister of India commenting on how Ex-PM and Current PM are sitting together was the worst of all.These people ideology is ‘Corruption and Money’, nothing more than that.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they would be re-elected once again.Nepali Jantas was,will and always be ‘Bhedas’.Even my own educated grandparents are saying that they would vote UML cause they think Oli is Rastrabaadi as well as funny.

    Either India or China gonna eat this country.I hope china does.That’s why I’m learning mandarin.

  12. Nepali people – Hate Politicians. (regardless of party)

    Nepali People – Vote for the same politicians (same party) again and again.

    Yes, Prachanda, Oli, also Sherbahadur..and every other mainstream politician you’re the biggest thief ever. You’re the curse to this country.

  13. Nepali Politicians think they can do or say anything because they have fought for democracy and change. They never think about fulfillment of general needs of people but rather put their political agenda at top of anything else.

  14. Nepalese politicians learned every dirty tricks from the Indian politicians. So what’s the fuss? If I was Oli or Prachandey chor, Lingden would have gotten a WWE style choke slam! But our hospitality is unmatched and India knows that. We have class although we are a poor economy. Bad neta hola but hamro neta ho unlike the ones such as-“Rastriya(Bharatiya)Janata Party”. The only thing that missing from their party flag is the “Ashoka Chakra” in between. I don’t trust these goons. They will sell Nepal piece by piece. Their allegiance clearly lies with India.

    Imagine the balls of those Indian politicians to come to Nepal and showcase their superiority. We definitely need a good tyrant in this nation who is Nepalese through and through. But I doubt it as India will send their “RAW” to do the dirty job just like they massacred the whole royal family and spared the ones who would lick their boots. Read history or the ones who does will use it against you. It’s a shame!

  15. Bloody murderer..he deserves to die just like his son…After all that he did to Nepal how dare he ride on the high horse. The biggest wonder is how he is able to walk freely, why don’t people lynch him already.

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