Small Bussiness Registration Help

Hello dajubhai didibahini , I’ve been fortunate enough to generate small revenue by publishing apps on app-stores. I want to make it a legit business . Does anyone have similar experience ? What kind of documents do i have to prepare ? I have heard that you need an accountant on your payroll to register a business. Are there any books I can read on this topic? Any inputs would be appreciated . Thank you very much.

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  1. You can go to घरेलुु तथा साना उध्याेग (it’s in Tripureshwor) to register
    It’s pretty easy and quick

  2. Depends on ypur income, if your income is not above 500k then going to tripureshwor is pointless, they’ll just tell you to just continue on as it is and latwr when your income is 500k or above come and register. Insyead what you do is, go to your municipality ward and get the pan number for your business and continue on. gLHF

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