Vianet 5gz Router Upgrade

Kasaile router upgrade garyacha? Ya afno location ma ayera gardincha vaneko ta office ayera router lagera afai connect garpo bhancha ta.

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  1. Yes. maile ni call gareko.

    Raisecom ko ONU device afai lina aau re and afai setup gara bhancha
    Yedi support chaayo bhaney bholi matra pathaune re.

    Vianet jasto scam company ahile sama dekheko chaina.
    Naya speed ko lagi ONU device change garnu parne and tesko lagi ni afai pay garnu parne re.
    Support charge leko k kaam bhayo re.. ONU ko expense pani customer ko tauko ma rakhey pachi.

  2. Does anyone has any idea what happens to the old onu. I got vianet 7 years ago and at that time we have to pay full price to buy that device, not rent but buy. Now if I want to install their dual band router do I have to return the onu. I don’t want to give it back for free as I bought it paying the full price.

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