1. Simple answer: learn coding, do some common projects. Understand basic BE/FE stuff, REST apis.

    Real suggestion: Everyone will say learn coding, do project bla bla but you should learn how to learn and how to think. Understand programming/framework concept main concept clearly (like async programming). And always try to think as a problem solver not as a developer. Think like how can you use some tool to make something or solve some problem. It will be hard at first but it will start to make sense after you spend some time thinking like that.

  2. internship starts at 15k (gurzu) for 6 months 5k(fusemachine) for 3 months. outside.co (10k) for 3 months.
    fusemachine junior-dev get paid 27 thousand (before tax)
    ekbana mid-level node dev get paid 46 thousand (after tax)
    not much pay 🙁

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