1. Beauty pageants are overrated & irrelevant. It’s just another way to feed unrealistic beauty standards and consume money.

  2. Bathing daily is over rated. Bathing twice or once a week in winter should not be frowned upon. Pasina naayesi k khana nuhaune hora.

  3. I’m a hindu, upadhayaya brahmin.

    Nepal being a secular country should decriminalize the processing and consumption of beef.

    It’s a hypocrisy to talk about equality of religion and culture and force others to obey your religious belief.

    Cow is an animal bred and raised for the benefits of human, just like any other farm animals.

    This law has prevented farmers from raising cow as it becomes a burden for them when they stops giving milk. And it’s too costly to raise a cow than a buffalo.

  4. That Lays crisp is overrated nowadays. Quality isn’t as good and every year there’s less crisps and more air in the bag. This y kurkure is superior.

  5. That Nepal should be a Hindu country and the woke liberal people are cancer to the society and culture

  6. -maadey haru lai tuu desh nikala garnu parcha

    -yo sub ko mod haru ramro mod hun ani gay jasto lagdaina

    -mental health khasai serious kura hoina teen haru ma

    -prachanda ko thau ma tapai haami jo bhaye ni tyestai ruthless ra bhrasta hunthhyo ani prithvi malla ko parents ko thau ma afu bhako bhe pani afno chhora lai jail bata chutauna je ni garthyo

    -IG tiktok ko model haru, pageant ma bhaag line kt haru sabai bhaalu hudainan –

    -priayanka karki (jasko jeew ahile mero ghar bhanda thulo bhaisakyo) khasai ramri chaina ra tyeskho ko niki aunty hatyara ho

    -anmol kc ko method acting babal cha ra sanjaya gupta (gu jasto podcaster) jasto punchable face kasaiko chaina ahile.

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