Divorce lawyer?

Hello, kura k ho bhane mero dad ekdam risa ani mentally torture diney type ko cha. Mero mum lai ghar chodera ja, talai kehi dinna blah blah bhanera dhamki dincha. Bhako sampati juwa ra afno sathi lai diyera bhyayo, aba bhako euta ghar pani bechne matra bhancha. Ani mum le ghar bechyo bhane divorce garney bhanda ni ja afai ja paisa saisa sampati kehi dinna talai bhancha. He has physically abused her few years back twice ( i was overseas). He is a typical conservative type who demeans a women being intelligent, thinks he is always right and always mentally pressure the whole family paisa chaina bhandai when in fact he lose it in betting and gambling etc (which is why my siblings stopped sending him money)

Nepal ko law k cha against this type of individual? Anybody know a good lawyer to help my mum ?

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