1. It surely does.Before reddit I used to watch gore on different websites.I still remember how a man heart was taken out while he was still alive.This was just a 1/10 for me,I have seen some of the worst gore.This didn’t cause me trauma for sure but watching these constantly made me hate humanity.

    Now I haven’t ever watched gore in months and used to watching subreddit like r/mademesmile and others which has somehow made me realise there are good things too.

    Just don’t focus on gore only.I bet you’ll go through trauma if you continuously keep on watching it.

  2. I don’t know if there is any such study done, but from my personal experience, watching too much gore does affect the overall mental well being.

    If watching happy films, listening to fun songs, watching fun entertaining content can make you happy, uplift your mood, helps your mental well being then it’s shouldn’t be a surprise that watching too many violent, gore videos causes negative effect in you.

  3. Okay i was into gore a long time back. I’m talking r/watchpeopledie days. But I think watching gore regularly implies you already have a mental problem. Lol

  4. I see a lot of answers here being “yes”. But it depends on person to person. Why do we watch stuff? To get out of mundane reality (I am not saying everyone’s reality is mundane) for a while and immerse ourselves in the the fantasy and the things we ourselves are afraid of expressing or going through in real life. Some people like happy-go-lucky things, some like dark things, some like the best of both worlds and some are indifferent. It all about how we have developed through our infancy and how the society has shaped us and what mediums we have adapted individually to cope with the stress, anxiety and depressions. If watching gore helps you cope with issues in life, then thats alright. But try to watch some other things too, which might not excite you that much, which you think are boring; those other stuff will provide some relief. Because too much of everything is bad. Those who watch “safe”, romantic, happy things are not themselves the happiest. They might be the saddest too.

  5. From my experience, yes it does, gore has effected me in ways I can’t even explain, I’m constantly paranoid, it gives you homocidal ideation, suicidal ideation, and many other serious mental issues, this is all from my personal experience with gore but it could effect others differently

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