For those who are interested on review on new Worldlink Speed.

[]( Worldlink kai server ma

[]( ClassicTech ko server ma

[]( 3mth Rs.4,577 aasti dekhi aako plan ho

yo chai speedtest ko executable file ko speed test result ho..aajha thor xa ya, task manager ma full consistent download 150Mbps ra upload 100Mbps xa.. tyo web ra app ko jaile slow ra inaccurate dekhauxa.. rati 11:20PM ma check gareko.. WiFi bata 5GHz 80MHz channel width, router tallo floor ma aani receiver mathlo floor ma, worldlink le deko router WiFi 5 ac wave 1(yesma eeuta antenna ko maximum throughput max 80MHz channel width ma 433Mbps hunxa) wala 2 ota antenna router ho.. maile use gareko receiver dongle eeuta antenna wala ho WiFi 5 ac wave 2 wala so yesai usai full signal ma 433Mbps max hunxa so..

same flat ma ho vane 5GHz 80MHz channel width ma eeuta antenna(praya sabai midrange ra mahango mobile ma 2 ota antenna hunxa so max 433Mbps x 2) ko 350-400Mbps ko internet majale chalxa aani tala wa mathi ko flat ma 50Mbps-250Mbps ko internet speed(assuming router clear area home ko center location ma xa)

Gaming 5GHz ma thikai xa no issue at all.. same floor ma best ho speed ra gaming aani mathlo wa tallo floor ma lower speed(wa low signal le router ko lower throughput capacity) vayepani consistent xa aani gaming thik xa..tei 4-5 ms high ping aauxa tyo pani jhukiyera

Google Drive ra MegaSync ma check garisakeko full xa download ra upload speed as said diuso rati no issue.

***Update Update Update : After I paid for new plan it reached said speed*** u/D ***but now the speed is around 66% most of the time both U and D.***

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  1. I like you doing research in depth in things you are interested. Kudos for this! Dollar card was your previous gig 🙂

    BTW, I have stopped running after speed as internet speed is just number and psychology. Just like Money Heist says “gold is actually just a psychological concept”. Any speed above 30Mbps is just fine for general browsing, youtube, netflix except torrent for which I can wait half or 1 hour.

    The “new Worldlink Speed” means, they also upgraded/upgrading speed for all users like Vianet?

  2. Checking speed test having server of same isp (Worldlink, Jawalakhel) is like testing in LAN (MAN). I will suggest to pick different server.

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