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HI 👋 I’m an American-Argentinian, living in Miami, USA. I’m a buddhist and would love to visit Nepal. I know very little of Nepal, and I’m having a hard time finding resources, also I feel that it doesn’t matter reading, I just want to go there and experience it knowing the Tathagata was born there♡ I’m so lost and any recommendations or tips would be great. Best time to fly? Best place to rent a cheap apartment at? Im thinking of staying for a month. Maybe in a small sector of the city that’s more communal and with shops on the block of the apartment building. In a part where I can live how people from Nepal live. Eat what they eat. And meet the people they meet.

Is the pollution really so bad? I’m a smoker and used to inhaling smoke puff puff.


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  1. Yes, you can come here and visit anytime. Nepal is really a sacred place of Buddhist site. Thing is that we have all three branch of Buddhism. First, Theraveda the pure teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha, second Mahayana it’s also his teaching combined with other Buddhist aspirant called Bodhisattva, and third Vajrayana which is said to be the secret teaching of Shakyamuni Buddha as well combined with Tibetan ascetics like Naropa, Tilopa, Milarepa.

    Just book your ticket and visit any place, just remember to search for Buddhist site and know the history behind it, places like Swoyambhu, Boudha, Vajrayogini sites, and our very own Lumbini where Tathagata was born. I think we are really lucky to visit such places without travel, however lots of Nepali also don’t know what they are missing.

    Apart from that any places here in Nepal will welcome tourists. People are heartwarming and you will have no trouble. The only thing that takes time is to understand the vast area of Buddhism. Also, r/ Buddhism would be a great place to know more about it.

  2. Bahals would be a great place to live because people who live there are buddists and they practice buddhism unlike other Nepalis and totally different from Tibetians.

    Those newars who live at bahals are Shakyas and Bajracharyas and Buddha was a Shayka himself. You got the point!

    And, inside bahals, you will find lots of buddha temples along with other hindu gods/goddesses/deities

    Stupas are also great places to visit but nothing can beat bahals if you want to see how locals practice buddhism.

  3. Come to Boudhanath part of Kathmandu. Lots of cheap guests houses with special deals for long term stay. Google it

  4. You can stay in nobel peace hotel in ramhiti, boudhha. It’s actually not really a hotel. A family lives lives there in the upper floor. They mostly have rooms for buddist who would like to cook by themselves. However they can cook for you or you can eat from nearby restaurant. And it’st really cheap. Starts from 8$ per day. However, if you can convince you will stay longer, then it will cost even less

  5. That’s a really great decision. I suggest you to avoid Kathmandu as a primary city of dwelling because it is overcrowded. I lived in New Orleans for 5 years before I returned home and I have lived in Kathmandu ever since. I absolutely hate it here but work has been the major reason for me to stay here.

    Pokhara could be the place to settle for you. The pollution is lower there and the climate is better than most other places. Once you get here, travelling and hiking will not be a big issue. The most important issue would be getting ripped off as a tourist. So, to quell that, carry around a pricing list with a local for essentials and stuff that you absolutely need.

    I would also suggest learning how to farm and permaculture before you come here. If you can rent a cottage or a house anywhere in Pokhara or Nepal, rent one with a garden or some empty space. You absolutely will spend almost zero rupees if you grow your own veggies and produce. If you live in Nepal and don’t grow your veggies, what is the point anyways.

    Also, you need to make sure you have a steady income stream to keep you afloat. You can get a lot of INGO jobs or aid projects that will fulfill your travel dreams and still make you money. Those jobs pay really well and you live like royalty here. That will also make your VISA issues easily resolved.

    Regarding Nepali and learning it, I would suggest you take some tips from u/sarangiii to learn the language. She might a huge help to you. She’s pretty friendly and you may get pointers to language cues that us natives might not be able to provide.

    If you have any other questions or specific breakdowns on cost of living or choices, you can pretty much write it down here or request it.

  6. You will be interested in three cities; Kathmandu, lumbini, and pokhara.
    Nepal is for all seasons, Lumbini is in the south and is quite warmer than kathmandu. Best season for you would be Oct-march.
    You probably want to spend more time in Lumbini.
    Currently there’s only 1 international airport, which is in Kathmandu, where you must visit swayambhu and boudha.
    Pokhara is a lake city with nice views of mt Annapurna and fishtail, it’s a touristy place.
    Lumbini is the birthplace of Tathãgata
    If you want to stay for longer in Lumbini, the hotels do offer nice deals. In Nepal, you don’t have to search hard for homely environment. Many small hotel owner stay in the same building with their family.
    Air Pollution is not too much for you. Only kathmandu is polluted.

  7. Just like how buddha said “Bloom like how lotus flower blooms beautifully out from mud and dirt” Same is true with Nepal also it is very polluted and very poor infrastructure here in nepal but among the chaos you will find a different type of calming vibes. Try vippasana in Lumbini for 10 days, my suggestion for you

  8. If you want to truly experience the culture, learn the language, Nepali. Even just some basics can help you really connect with those you meet while there.

  9. Hiiiiii! A couple of folks have tagged me in this (thanks u/difrpodcast and u/zkathmandu ^_^) – I’d be happy to help you with learning Nepali if you’d like. I definitely have a ton of resources that I’d be happy to pass along to you, but I can also give you some ideas of what words/phrases you’re more likely to hear as a tourist (I’m guessing if you’re planning on 1 month, you probably don’t need to be fluent in Nepali). I’m by no means fluent, but I can read/write Devanagari (the script Nepali is written in) and I can understand and speak well enough to get through day-to-day life.

    I’ve always stayed in Sanepa, but that’s mostly because I really liked the Airbnb I was staying in and it was a great location for being close to the music scene. My experience has always been different because I’m a musician, and many of my Nepali musician friends are very western-oriented in how they live their lives. Highly recommend heading out to Bhaktapur Durbar Square – my friend Purna owns a small shop where he sells sarangis (which he carves himself) and other folk instruments **(general plug for anyone on here looking for a good sarangi, he’s literally the kindest person you’ll ever meet and his business was hit really** ***really*** **hard by covid so go see him at the Peacock windows!**).

    The pollution is bad, made worse by clouds of dust kicked up by cars/trucks/busses/scooters/motorbikes. Bring a mask and wear outdoors, your lungs will thank you. I once tried to go for a ride on my friends motorbike without a mask and about 30 mins we were pulling over to buy a mask from a shop.

    Also if they’re still around, make use of Tootle. It’s uber for two-wheelers. It’s by far the cheapest way to get around because the rates are set (at least they were when I was there in 2019). Taxi drivers hear an accent and charge like 500% the actual cost. The only thing I’ll say is that if you’re a girl (can’t tell from your post, sorry), just take taxis at nighttime.

    Feel free to send me a DM or find me on instagram (@meghgem), and have fun with your travels!

  10. Nepal is m sure better then rotten America duh its amazing do come n enjoy, pollution come here n breath ur gonna be fresh as hell by goodnes gracious of pashupatinath 👀🙏

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