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  1. **Off topic**

    I am also planning to sue some official member of US embassy Nepal.

    People who got there US visa rejected or something like that can inbox me. I am going to plan to put petition. If I am not wrong at least minimum of roughly 8k+ people get there visa rejected and thousand Nepal had to suffer from this shitty US immigration issue by US embassy Nepal . We cannot do anything to them but let them know how strong we had done.

    For just for sake we need money that we had applied spend for all the procedure. I am sure they care about there degrading reputation here in nepal. Let’s hit them on the place where it would hurt them right in this mouth of MCC controversy we can ignite this fire upon us.

    Inbox me if you got rejected too and wanna get refund . Let us see what the real life meaning of democracy looks like.

    Aile nagare kaile ..

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