1. This is a fascinating race and quite shocking that so many youth leaders are competing for senior posts like Vice chairman and especially General Secretary or Maha mantri (Gagan Thapa is just 45 years old, Pradip Poudel is around 40 years, Bishwo prakash sharma is late 40s among others)..

    So, a total of 4743 convention representatives or Mahadiveshan pratinidi will vote for the central leadership of Nepali congress.. you would need 2373 (which is more than 50% of total votes) to win but that seems very unlikely in the first round due to a lot of competition.. so I think we will get into second round, my guess is it will be Deuba vs Shekhar Koirala.. and let’s see what happens

  2. I really don’t understand Dr. Shekhar Koirala’s appeal. He is a doctor whose only claim to the top most post of Congress is that.. his uncles were BP, MP, GPK. The sense of entitlement he has over the party’s leadership is astounding. Prakash Man and Bimalendra Nidhi too are riding on their father’s legacies but at least these two are well-established politicians who started from the bottom, slowly rose up the ranks, have repeatedly won elections since the 90s, both reached Congress’ Vice-President posts, both have become Deputy-Prime Ministers and have actual political and administrative background. Seniority and protocol wise too Nidhi is the actual guy who should have been the no. 2 to replace Deuba and rightfully so. Shekhar Koirala on the other hand maybe a good doctor, but he entered politics what 4 years ago? His sole USB he is riding on that he is the best alternative to Deuba cause he is the heir to the Koirala clan is just stupid and sadly people are buying it.

  3. yo sala deuba lai kati napugeko
    ..ghar ma 10 20 karod ko murti arts rakhya cha…ajjhai lutnu parle eslai… koirala bhanda pani dherai lutna lagisakyo ta

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