1. Chorera pass bhako engineer here:- TLDR: duitai same ho overall if you are going to use secondary router but go with dual band router dherai paisa thapnu pardaina bhane. ( if mobile game pani scene ma cha bhane go with dual band router)

    Sadharad bhasa ma bhannu parda dual band router le duita frequency ma kam garch 5GHz ra 2.4GHz(normal le only 2.4 GHz). 5GHz ko faida bhaneko badhi bandwidth support garcha i.e faster than 2.4GHz but range thorai huncha 2.4GHz ko bandwidth thorai huncha tara range dherai huncha. Generally dual band router ko 2.4GHz ni ali badhi powerful huncha because of antenna design and stuff. If you are using secondary router through lan cable from main router, main router le khassai farak pardaina.

  2. dual band nai ramro huncha, future proof ni ho. aba ta dual band nai dinchan by default sabai ISP harule.

  3. Double Band , It has the same range as a single band but when in a single room , High speeds like 300Mbps can be acheived .

  4. 40mbps ma you won’t feel much difference in general usage with 2.4Ghz. Dishhome ko huwawei router ko range chai ramro chaina. Even if you get 5G router, the range of 2.4 Ghz won’t increase significantly unless the router is of advanced quality and 5G le 3ta flat samma ta vyaudaina.

    But still good to use newer technology, 1K jati add garda dual band dinchha vane ta lida pani vayo.

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