Climate change and women

Hello all, I am a high school student in the US apart of my school’s Model UN club. For our upcoming conference, I am partaking in a committee focussing on the role of climate change and how it has impacted vulnerable parts of the community, specifically women. I am representing Nepal. If any of you… Continue reading Climate change and women

Fonepay Flash sale bare kehi jawos na .

Fonepay a subsidiary company of F1 soft International brought flash sales where we could redeem different items through the redeem points. I do think they created a hype only? Couldn’t redeem despite being on time. Most of the people were saying it as the biggest scam. ( Paila pani yestai vako thiyo) Has anyone been… Continue reading Fonepay Flash sale bare kehi jawos na .

Pros and Cons of Masters In Australia

I have recently Completed my Bachelor in Computer Science and have 2 years experience in Programming. I want to go to Australia for my Masters. Can you elaborate pros and cons for doing masters there. The reason i am choosing Australia over US and Canada are faster processing, Better weather, can take my spouse with… Continue reading Pros and Cons of Masters In Australia