ADB to render priority for accessible energy to marginalized people for sustainable growth – myRepublica MR

President of Federation of Nepal Gold Silver Gem Associations Maharjan passes away – myRepublica MR

Bagmati Province govt hikes fares of short-route public transport – myRepublica MR

Hotels in Myagdi are full as the number of domestic tourists sees a sharp increase – myRepublica MR

Reuters MR

Oil prices climb to highest in years as COVID recovery, power generators stoke demand – myRepublica MR

NRB auctioning off treasury bills – myRepublica MR

NOC estimates its monthly loss at Rs 4.44 billion due to soaring oil prices in int’l market – myRepublica MR

Switching station to supply electricity to Huaxin Cement factory is ready for operation – myRepublica MR

Stocks open on a positive note after festive holidays – myRepublica MR